About Us

Vortec IT are specialist providers of IT Support, Cloud Services, Connectivity and Disaster Recovery to businesses across Essex, London and the South East.

With over 20 years’ experience we work with our clients to address their individual needs and ensure that we put their IT systems first. You need not look any further for your IT needs, we do it all here, with one supplier, things are made much easier when it comes to IT. You do not need to try and tie together your website company, with your email supplier, and have your IT support on hand. You make one call to us, and we do it all. Much simpler!

Vortec IT are a friendly, professional and very knowledgeable IT provider, we do a great job of supporting your business, and while we do it – we enjoy it! Which shows in our work.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that IT plays an important and essential part of any business, regardless of size or industry. IT is key to business success.
  • As a team here at Vortec IT, we believe we can be the best provider of IT solutions that there is to these companies.
  • We believe that IT development is essential and aim to provide you the most cost effective and business effective development of your systems.
  • We believe that we provide our customers with the most reliable IT Support and that this continues through the life of the contract.

Our Vision

At Vortec IT our vision is to be the best IT provider to companies in and around Essex. We aim to be your “One Stop Shop” for all IT solutions and provide the best support around for all of these solutions. From our Essex headquarters, we office IT services and consultancy to help each and every customer meeting their IT needs, and overcome and challenges they face with their IT.

  • Simple – At Vortec IT we believe that IT should be kept simple, we are here to take the stress of IT away from you! As such, when you do need to get involved, you don’t want all the ‘techy’ stuff, which is why we provide information to you as you need it!
  • Business – Unlike other IT companies, we know business, and most importantly, we know your business. Other companies just see your PC broken, we understand the knock on effect of that broken PC and the effect it has on your business… We put your business first!
  • Connections – We work collectively between yourself and your team, and the team here at Vortec IT to reach the end goal, perfect IT support for your business.

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