Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

You may already know that, as a business owner, ensuring that Cyber Security of your business is impenetrable is a top priority. But what exactly does Cyber Security mean, and, as a business owner, how does it affect your business? Cyber Security isn’t just about installing the cheapest Anti-Virus software and hoping for the best. With cyber attacks growing, your business is constantly under threat, and you’re going to need the appropriate measures to stop attacks at the source.

Vortec IT, we are all about decoding the often needlessly complicated lingo surrounding IT, and presenting it in a way that is easy to understand, with your business in mind. Here’s some of the steps we take to ensuring your business’ Cyber Security is up to scratch:

Anti-Virus: You’re going to need a trusted Anti-Virus software, from a reputable organisation. Each Anti-Virus software is different, and with managed IT support and our extensive experience in providing businesses of all sizes with the software to suit them, we will set the IT systems of your business up with the best Ant-Virus software, at an affordable price.

Network Security Appliances: Our team at Vortec IT always go the extra mile to ensure your entire IT systems are protected with sophisticated security measures, using modern Network Security Appliances to create the complete package of managed Cyber Security systems. Network Security Appliances are physical devices that offer a layer of protection between the internet and the internal network.

Managed Web Filtering: Users visiting websites can unknowingly infect your network, by transferring viruses across the internet from websites intended to infect any system it can. With managed filtering support, our team ensures that your network stays safe, with immediate blocking of sites which could pose any threat to the stability of your business Cyber Security.

Cyber Security

Email Filtering & IT Support: Our email security services do not end at just directing any suspect email to your spam folder. Complete email security involves stopping any potentially harmful contact from the start, whether that’s ransomware directly to your inbox, or phishing attempts sent to a member of your staff. With our email security, you will only receive what is relevant to your business, and safe for your IT systems.

Today, Cyber Security has never been so important for businesses. More and more businesses, big and small are falling victim to ransomware, malware and phishing attacks. Cyber Security is one of this year’s biggest concerns. From ransomware and phishing to network attacks and viruses, a managed security protocol is a must-have for any business, big or small.

Many businesses start off with intention of fully protecting their data, ensuring all security systems are covered and up to date. Like anything though, tasks and life can get in the way of keeping track of data security, and software can rapidly decline in effectiveness (and relevancy), leaving data and systems once again open to a whole host of attacks.

This is where we come in. Businesses are turning to our team of friendly experts to install, manage and update their Cyber Security systems for them. Whether it’s backing up data and securing internal software, to ensuring all programs are running with no hint of malware and potential for intrusions, our team make sure all bases are covered, resulting in a business which is fully primed for any potential security attacks.

Here at Vortec IT we can help you to protect your business from such attacks happening in the first place. From the basics of providing managed anti-virus software all the way through to top of the range cloud based network security services – we’ll make your money go the furthest it can when it comes to your Cyber Security.

Basic Anti-Virus sadly alone isn’t enough anymore. Viruses are constantly evolving and becoming more and more sophisticated each and every day. It’s time to step up your Cyber Security game.

Vortec IT can provide a whole host of Cyber Security solutions, preventing virus’s from even getting the chance to wreak havoc on your businesses network.


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