Helping Clients into the Cloud

How 365 Technologies can help your business

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After relying on pen and paper for the many years we were approached by a local window cleaning company to help them into the 21st century and setup professional email and data storage to ensure they were not hampered with their expansion.

We were tasked with getting them setup with a new domain name and then setting up their emails and cloud storage to allow their technicians to access to their customer records and CRM data where ever they were onsite.

To meet these aims, we setup Office 365 for them to give them the professional and centrally controlled email system they were after and also Sharepoint online.

As they are now able to get to their data from anywhere securely they are free to do what they do best and time spent doing paperwork stuck in the office has been reduced significantly improving overall profitability.As the office based admin staff no longer have to wait for job sheets to be handed in at the end of the day their whole operation is now much sleeker.

This is a very brief overview of what we have done for Everclean Essex but gives an insight into how technology is working for them.

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