VOIP and Telephony Solutions

What is VoIP?

VoIP Stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol  software-based technology which allows businesses to make their telephone calls using a broadband internet connection, rather than through traditional phone lines.

VoIP phones systems convert the sound signal of users’ voices into digital data streams, which can then be sent in “packets” over the Internet.

The signal is passed through an Ethernet cable to the VoIP server or gateway, before connecting with the Internet. Investing in a VoIP Phone system means a business has the freedom to use a variety of different devices to make and receive calls, including physical IP phones, computers or laptops, and smart phones.

Once you’ve set up a VoIP phone system, get ready for cheaper domestic calls and low price per minute international calls, too.

VoIP desk phones can either be set up as a new system or integrated into an existing one.

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Is VoIP Right For You?

Phones are an essential part of any company, so why not read the below FAQs on what benefits VoIP can bring your business, regardless of the size.

The Adoption of a VoIP telephone system can instantly reduce costs for business of all sizes. In other words, not only is the long term cost reduction a benefit. You will notice a decrease in costs from day one.

Inter-site calls from one office to another are classed as internal calls and are free, and landline calls if not included in a price package start from just 1p per minute.

VoIP systems can work from any location with an internet connection, or via a VPN connection to your office from home or another site office. This makes is a great setup choice for businesses with remote working staff or staff on the road all the time and who still need to the ability to make and receive calls with a landline number.

VoIP systems offer the option of assigning multiple DDI numbers at a much smaller cost than that of a standard phone system.

VoIP offers the potential to scale up operations as the business continues to grow.

Additional ports can be easily configured and brought online to provide for an extended service, or withdrawn and taken down when the capability is no longer needed.

This can all be achieved seamlessly without disruption or down time, ensuring that communication between employees and customers will not suffer.

Vortec IT can setup your VoIP system so it works as planned from day 1, and support you going forward for future help and changes. We will talk to you about your needs, create a bespoke plan to install and support your new system.

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